Ammon Taylor was born and raised in a quaint small town in the idyllic mountain valleys of Utah. His mother taught school orchestras, church choirs, and gave piano lessons to little Ammon, weaning him on Bach, Brahms, and hymnal arrangements. By age ten, he was writing classical piano pieces and dreamed of becoming the next Beethoven.

Adolescence changed all of that, as Ammon spent most of his time listening to embarrassingly angst – ridden alternative rock alone in his room. He started writing songs in a style that he thought was new and innovative, only to find that he had been beaten to the punch by the likes of Tori Amos and Ben Folds.

Fortunately, Ammon traveled away after high school, living in such exotic places as Seattle, São Paulo, and Mozambique. He encountered many different musical styles along the way, but was most enchanted with the Samba and Bossa Nova rhythms of Brazil. During this time Ammon also became familiarized with jazz in all its variegation.

All these musical techniques have been mixed into the blender of Ammon’s brain to create his music today. Although his style may be difficult to define, he believes that genres and labels are merely superfluous packaging. The magic that makes us fall in love with a song can be found in any type of music: an irresistible melody, a haunting chord progression, a fascinating rhythm, and a passionate performance that gives goose bumps.